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Allison + Ben :: Howard County Conservancy Barn Wedding

I had to prove I was serious when I said blogging was back! & it is! I do have to admit though, I kind of love the excuse to look back through late summer & fall weddings – especially in the winter when it’s snowing out! & Alli & Ben’s wedding is extra ‘warming’ because these two are just incredible genuine and happy to be together. Their happiness was super contagious too! I loved their down-to-earth attitude, tons of emotions behind it all but never acting very stressed or nervous. Just really, really happy. And when they were together you could tell they were just glad to be around each other and to get to celebrate with their closest friends and family. I’m so excited to share this wonderful couple with you!


How often do you get to start a wedding with some chickens (or are these hens??..) + hang out with some goats too! :)

002-005-ABB-Wedding-6415 003-013-ABB-Wedding-6435 004-018-ABB-Wedding-6448 005-006-ABB-Wedding-6417 006-010-ABB-Wedding-6424 007-009-ABB-Wedding-6422 008-008-ABB-Wedding-6421 009-023-ABB-Wedding-6474 010-025-ABB-Wedding-6478 011-028-ABB-Wedding-6509 012-030-ABB-Wedding-6510b 013-038-ABB-Wedding-6544b 014-042-ABB-Wedding-6554 015-044-ABB-Wedding-6559 016-045-ABB-Wedding-6561

Such a sweet first look! They weren’t sure if time would allow, but I’m so glad it did! Having this little moment for them alone felt so sweet!

017-047-ABB-Wedding-6565 018-050-ABB-Wedding-6572 019-059-ABB-Wedding-6592b Stunning! So happy!

020-065-ABB-Wedding-6615 021-039-ABB-Wedding-6549 022-062-ABB-Wedding-6600 023-064-ABB-Wedding-6610 024-068-ABB-Wedding-6629 025-072-ABB-Wedding-6646 026-067-ABB-Wedding-6624 027-071-ABB-Wedding-6643 Some of my favorites for sure!  028-077-ABB-Wedding-6670 029-079-ABB-Wedding-6675 030-080-ABB-Wedding-6676 031-084-ABB-Wedding-6682 032-086-ABB-Wedding-6685 033-088-ABB-Wedding-6690 034-093-ABB-Wedding-6700 035-104-ABB-Wedding-6734 036-106-ABB-Wedding-6738 037-109-ABB-Wedding-6742b 038-111-ABB-Wedding-6745 039-116-ABB-Wedding-6755 040-123-ABB-Wedding-6767b 041-124-ABB-Wedding-6771 042-127-ABB-Wedding-6777 043-137-ABB-Wedding-6810 044-149-ABB-Wedding-6840 045-142-ABB-Wedding-6826 046-153-ABB-Wedding-6845 047-154-ABB-Wedding-6847 048-160-ABB-Wedding-6862 049-171-ABB-Wedding-6881 050-172-ABB-Wedding-6885 051-178-ABB-Wedding-6900 052-203-ABB-Wedding-6972 053-217-ABB-Wedding-7001 054-221-ABB-Wedding-7009 055-224-ABB-Wedding-7014

Such a fun group! Love the group hug!!

056-227-ABB-Wedding-7020 057-228-ABB-Wedding-7025

Oooh please take me back to summer! Love the lush trees and happy smiles!

058-230-ABB-Wedding-7031 059-232-ABB-Wedding-7035 060-234-ABB-Wedding-7039 061-236-ABB-Wedding-7048 062-240-ABB-Wedding-7057 063-242-ABB-Wedding-7062 064-243-ABB-Wedding-7065 065-246-ABB-Wedding-7071 066-248-ABB-Wedding-7074 067-251-ABB-Wedding-7079 068-253-ABB-Wedding-7084 Oh hello friend! :)

069-293-ABB-Wedding-7188 070-262-ABB-Wedding-7115 071-265-ABB-Wedding-7123 072-277-ABB-Wedding-7149 073-278-ABB-Wedding-7151 074-283-ABB-Wedding-7156 075-285-ABB-Wedding-7159 076-299-ABB-Wedding-7201 077-306-ABB-Wedding-7222 078-313-ABB-Wedding-7237 079-321-ABB-Wedding-7255 080-327-ABB-Wedding-7282 081-331-ABB-Wedding-7289 082-332-ABB-Wedding-7290 Pies for dessert!! LOVE this! 083-333-ABB-Wedding-7292 084-335-ABB-Wedding-7299 085-323-ABB-Wedding-7261 086-338-ABB-Wedding-7303 087-339-ABB-Wedding-7307 088-341-ABB-Wedding-7314b 089-342-ABB-Wedding-7315 090-343-ABB-Wedding-7319 091-346-ABB-Wedding-7325 092-348-ABB-Wedding-7329 093-350-ABB-Wedding-7333 The best man’s speech included a reminder that these two were essentially destined to be together since KINDERGARTEN! :)  094-355-ABB-Wedding-7343 095-373-ABB-Wedding-7366

Such an amazing time with you two! Wishing you both all the best!

Ceremony & Reception: Howard County Conservancy

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