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Salisbury University on a Rainy Day :: Maryland Photography

I definitely have this problem of blogging in spurts, either I get totally distracted for a couple weeks and am only able to post on the facebook page, or I blog 2-5 posts in one day. Sigh.. I know this can’t be good! haha but let’s just go with the idea that it’s better to post something than nothing?

Well, anyway.. considering how today looks like it’s about to be dreary and rainy, I thought these photos would be pretty fitting to share now. About a week ago, I got to visit my super-long-time-best-friend Kelsey at Salisbury where she goes to school. And, to make things even cooler, Kelsey is taking a photography class this semester! So despite the dreary day we received, we roamed around campus taking photos of whatever interested us. It was a little bizarre to be going through the buildings of a school I didn’t go to, especially on a weekend when it was so quiet. Salisbury is a really pretty campus though, lots of older looking buildings and lots of trees. Very university-looking if that makes sense. It was really nice though to take photos like this… I feel like I haven’t just gone around taking non-portrait photos in FOREVER, even though that’s sort of where I started out (very interested in geometric shapes and architecture), so it was a bit like going back to my roots. And I liked it! Something I’m going to have to do more of for sure…

well, without further ado!

The lovely Kelsey!:)

Being around all the fine art studios and gallery made me really want to get into drawing or painting..

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