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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! Or is it summer??? Who knows because it was 80-some degrees out today as I was running around UMBC doing some photo work for this year’s viewbook! But anyway – thinking back to a cooler time (aka Maryland’s 2-day-long spring), I’m finally getting around to sharing some Easter photos! It’s kind of tradition that whenever our families get together for a holiday that fun photos & portraits will ensue:) & this Easter was no exception! So here are some of my favorites::


lined up at the door for the hunt!


Some MomPhotography ;) + our fabulous Easter Egg hunt. yes we still do this. no, we will NEVER be too old! :P



my beautiful mommy!!


Adam & I, & Christina & Eric – each couple somehow matching each other?! AMAZING! haha




Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Bubbles.. lots of fun :)


some facebook teasers! (be a fan <3)


such sisters haha







Some Samantha Photography for ya :D + I love this little series with me & Christina hahaha


Pleased with this half-decent photo of myself (half-decent because I’m not looking as terribly awkward as usual lol)

<3 these girls

And some Adam Photography ;)

Obsessed with all these little moments

Squazi wanting back out.. aw!

Hugging or strangling??? ;)



You girls are so gorgeous : )

This one has pretty quickly become on of my favorites ever



Silliness! : )


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