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Author Suzie Carr’s Portraits :: Howard County Photographer

One of the best things about getting caught up on blogging during the winter “break” is the constant reminder that it won’t be this cold out forever! :) & I love getting to look at all the stunning images from the fall all over again. I’m so fortunate to know novelist Suzie Carr, and couldn’t be more excited when she asked about setting up a session for some new headshot portraits for her books and online! I started out thinking I’d grab a handful of my favorites to make this post and well, what can I say, just under 20 is the new handful? haha I have so many favorites though! What a fantastic and awesome model ;) Oh and let’s not forget to mention, I’m so obsessed with this outfit!

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do! Suzie Carr is an awesome person, and don’t forget to check out her novels AND follow her on facebook (added bonus, if you love photos of cute little doggy faces (and let’s face it who doesn’t?!) then you’ll love getting a peek at her two pups on her page)!


So stunning! One of my all time favorites for sure :)


Patapsco park never fails to be an amazing location! I love this next series!



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