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Samantha & Ben are married! Jerusalem Mill Elopement, Maryland Wedding Photographer

I absolutely love when my love of photography allows me to reconnect with old friends! Ben and Samantha and I all attended the same school growing up and now they are married!! I was SO SO thrilled when I first got her message about taking photos of their ceremony, especially because this was such an intimate ceremony. A beautiful elopement ceremony in fact! Ahh I feel so honored to have been a witness to their sweet vows and to get to spend the afternoon with them and their sister and another high school friend! Even though the weather was looking like it might rain for much of the afternoon, mother nature was kind and held off for us and we had an amazing time after their ceremony taking photos of the two of them, and also the four of them! If you can’t tell already, I am so excited to share these photos and Sam & Ben’s sweet wedding story now!

001-SBM-Elopement-8628 002-SBM-Elopement-8569 003-SBM-Elopement-8575 004-SBM-Elopement-8577

so thoughtful! They gave these beautiful necklaces as gifts

005-SBM-Elopement-8588 006-SBM-Elopement-8615 007-SBM-Elopement-8624 008-SBM-Elopement-8646 009-SBM-Elopement-8663 010-SBM-Elopement-8666

So happy!!

011-SBM-Elopement-8674 012-SBM-Elopement-8678 013-SBM-Elopement-8680 014-SBM-Elopement-8682 Oh my goodness so sweet. so much love!

015-SBM-Elopement-8687 016-SBM-Elopement-8688 017-SBM-Elopement-8689 018-SBM-Elopement-8695 019-SBM-Elopement-8703 020-SBM-Elopement-8705

time to celebrate! oh wait how do we open these things?… haha

021-SBM-Elopement-8717 022-SBM-Elopement-8721 023-SBM-Elopement-8723 024-SBM-Elopement-8729 025-SBM-Elopement-8736 026-SBM-Elopement-8737 027-SBM-Elopement-8745 028-SBM-Elopement-8748 Sam’s bouquet was picked fresh from the farmer’s market that day! absolutely perfect and beautiful with such vibrant fall colors!

029-SBM-Elopement-8749 030-SBM-Elopement-8751 031-SBM-Elopement-8761 032-SBM-Elopement-8764 033-SBM-Elopement-8766 034-SBM-Elopement-8771 035-SBM-Elopement-8785 036-SBM-Elopement-8800 037-SBM-Elopement-8794 038-SBM-Elopement-8795

039-SBM-Elopement-8803 040-SBM-Elopement-8806 041-SBM-Elopement-8813 042-SBM-Elopement-8825 043-SBM-Elopement-8840 044-SBM-Elopement-8843 045-SBM-Elopement-8850 046-SBM-Elopement-8857b 047-SBM-Elopement-8866 048-SBM-Elopement-8875 049-SBM-Elopement-8889 050-SBM-Elopement-8899 051-SBM-Elopement-8902 052-SBM-Elopement-8907 053-SBM-Elopement-8910 so much happiness that afternoon! 054-SBM-Elopement-8911 055-SBM-Elopement-8927 056-SBM-Elopement-8934 057-SBM-Elopement-8953 058-SBM-Elopement-8937 059-SBM-Elopement-8918 060-SBM-Elopement-8960 061-SBM-Elopement-8968 062-SBM-Elopement-8977 a sweet little congratulations! 063-SBM-Elopement-8986 064-SBM-Elopement-9003 065-SBM-Elopement-9004 066-SBM-Elopement-9011 067-SBM-Elopement-9013 oh my goodness… just a “few” FAVORITES. these two are so perfect!!

068-SBM-Elopement-9016 069-SBM-Elopement-9017 070-SBM-Elopement-9039 071-SBM-Elopement-9021 072-SBM-Elopement-9024 073-SBM-Elopement-9042b 074-SBM-Elopement-9028 075-SBM-Elopement-9052 076-SBM-Elopement-9057 077-SBM-Elopement-9062 078-SBM-Elopement-9068 079-SBM-Elopement-9084 080-SBM-Elopement-9074 stunning! love the colors and love the love!!

081-SBM-Elopement-9092 082-SBM-Elopement-9108 083-SBM-Elopement-9121 084-SBM-Elopement-9134 085-SBM-Elopement-9141 ahh I love Sam’s ring!! such a beautiful shape, I love the hexagon style! 086-SBM-Elopement-9145 087-SBM-Elopement-9146b 088-SBM-Elopement-9149 089-SBM-Elopement-9152 090-SBM-Elopement-9157 091-SBM-Elopement-9175 092-SBM-Elopement-9201 093-SBM-Elopement-9177 094-SBM-Elopement-9193 095-SBM-Elopement-9197 096-SBM-Elopement-9191 097-SBM-Elopement-9167 098-SBM-Elopement-9206 099-SBM-Elopement-9214 100-SBM-Elopement-9211 101-SBM-Elopement-9216 102-SBM-Elopement-9219 103-SBM-Elopement-9250 ahh and just when we thought we were all wrapped up, we decided to snag just a few more shots before departing ways (And letting this awesome group go get some celebratory dinner! hehe) we stopped in this field and got some of my most favorite shots ever! so glad we snuck aside for just a few more photos!!

104-SBM-Elopement-9255 105-SBM-Elopement-9263 106-SBM-Elopement-9271

ahh congratulations again you two! absolutely perfect day, thank you SO much for having me along on such a special day! :)