Links I Like: A Photographer’s Internet Distractions

Hey everyone! It’s Thursday which means many of you are thinking about Friday and the weekend (woohoo!) And I’m thinking about how THIS weekend, I’m getting ready to travel to Charleston, SC for the Creative @ Heart conference! I’m nervous for sure, but excited to try something new and to meet some cool people! Oh and take a LOT of photos of this beautiful town!!

But for now, I thought I’d try out a new kind of post. And I’m calling it “Links I Like!” because I’m obviously quite creative at catchy titles.

So, here are some things that have caught my interest, and/or that I’ve enjoyed recently. All thanks to my inability to avoid getting distracted on the internet. My hope with this is to maybe make it a series, something to keep me blogging! & Let you know what random things I find interesting when I’m not editing :)  Hope you’ll enjoy, and please feel free to leave feedback!

Let’s get this list started!

1. Put down your phone :

I have been trying REALLY hard to keep this one in mind. I feel like the phone epidemic is out of control. And I’m so guilty! Every time I pick up my phone now to just aimlessly scroll the facebook, I’m trying instead to think about what else I could be doing with down time. Trying to let pauses in the day be spaces for thinking instead of just observing/clicking.

Tech Inisder Preview Screenshot

2. Learning to Enjoy Winter and Cold Months

Thanks to fellow photographer-friend Lydia of Lydia Jane Photography, I got to enjoy thinking about how we could all use an adjustment in the way we think about winter. Here’s to staying optimistic about winter!

FastCompany Preview Screenshot

2b. Extreme Knitting!

On that same note, here’s a fun cozy activity for any adventurous knitters out there!

Country Living Preview Screenshot

3. Isn’t it Ironic?!

This one had to make the list. No shame, I loved it. (This might still be stuck in my head from hours ago..)

Buzz Feed Updated Ironic Preview Screenshot

4. Adult Friends After Kids and Housing & Friendship

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships. How getting older can seem to make it tougher to make and maintain. But also I feel hopeful in still being able to make new friends as you get older, and to find healthy ways to maintain long friendships.

5. Here’s a tasty looking soup I’m planning to try!

What’s a list of links without at least one recipe? Since I participate in a local CSA Farm Share with some of my UMBC coworkers, I’m often taking to Pinterest to find out some creative ideas for using all sorts of squashes and greens :)

Speaking of food, here are some recent delicious eats from this week! If you’ve somehow never heard me rave about my friend Sarah, you have to get in to La Cuchara at Meadow Mill in Baltimore when she’s on the grill! If anyone can convince me to not only eat, but end up loving, beef tartare, it’s this girl. Incredible chef Sarah makes the most delicious food, and I am spoiled to be her friend! :D

Pumpkin Soup and Croquettes Incredible Beef Tartare Pork Belly Brussle Sprouts Chorizo Pumpkin Creme Brulee Bacon Ice cream



And to end on a meowy silly note.. That’s a nice little cat shirt that makes me laugh. I couldn’t resist ;)

Teespring Preview Screenshot

Well that’s a pretty good overview of links I like right now.. Let me know if anything made you laugh, made you think, or made you meow with delight! :)