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Wedding & Session Peeks from the Week

This past week and weekend have been filled with couples & moments that are making my heart super happy. It’s also made me reflect on just how much I love getting to be a wedding photographer – getting to know the couples I photograph means getting to spend time laughing with them, (and even sharing some of my own happy-tears behind the camera too), during some of the most exciting and love-filled times in their lives. I am so honored to be a part of these moments and get to witness their commitments. Congratulations to all of you and THANK YOU to all my clients, for letting me be a part of so much fun!

 & This week has been especially awesome! I got to photograph Amy & Ethan’s engagement session in Frederick on Wednesday, who had me actually doubling over laughing along with them AND had me bursting with happiness when they got in the creek for some of the most romantic photos I could dream of! Not to mention that their love of their pup Elsa could not be any more adorable. You guys are so awesome and I can’t wait to see you again for your wedding this summer!

Amy_Ethan-1750 Amy_Ethan-1827 Amy_Ethan-1805  Amy_Ethan-1837 Amy_Ethan-1848 Amy_Ethan-1863 Amy_Ethan-2111 Amy_Ethan-2148 Amy_Ethan-2173 Amy_Ethan-2260 Amy_Ethan-2261

Amy_Ethan-2362 Amy_Ethan-2371

Friday I celebrated as Amanda & Graeme became Mr. & Mrs. Millar! These two look at each other and can’t help but smile and radiate love! And their smiles and positivity are so contagious! Even though it started to rain just before and during their ceremony (inside the gorgeous chapel at Goucher College), the rain broke completely afterwards, which meant getting to take plenty of photos outside as planned :) They entered the ceremony to the sounds of bagpipes, and guests cheered them on afterwards with US and Scottish flags! This group kept the dance floor going all night at the Mansion at Valley Country Club, to the point where my own cheeks were feelin’ it from smiling so much!

Millar_Wedding-2966 Millar_Wedding-3718 Millar_Wedding-3550b Millar_Wedding-3653

Millar_Wedding-3738 Millar_Wedding-3743 Millar_Wedding-3761 Millar_Wedding-3770 Millar_Wedding-4200 Millar_Wedding-4214 Millar_Wedding-4217 Millar_Wedding-4225 Millar_Wedding-4227 Millar_Wedding-4248 Millar_Wedding-4683 Millar_Wedding-4685

And top it all off and totally make my heart crazy-full of happiness, yesterday Adam and I photographed and celebrated as Jeannie & Rye were married on the Eastern Shore! Oh my goodness this day was amazing! These two were smiling and giddy with excitement during the first look and it was all I could do to not just run over and hug them! Their venue at the Inn at Huntingfield Creek is a beautiful and huge property that made it feel like we were far enough from civilization that even with a wedding day schedule, we had plenty of time to soak up all the happiness. And oh WOW, this group knows how to throw an awesome party!! & I love that both my brides this weekend got to do a little spinning on the dance floor!! :)

JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5493 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5616b JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5628 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5632 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5695 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5737 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-5856 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6056 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6104 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6108 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6732 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6760 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-6772 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-7352 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-7563 JR_Huntingfield-Wedding-7590

It’s safe to say that I’ll be smiling nonstop as I continue to edit all of the awesome from this week plus finishing touches on Meghan & Scott’s wedding too! Thank you all for being the best couples, and for letting me celebrate with you in the most fun ways!! <3 Can’t wait to share more soon!

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