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The Best Anniversary West Coast Road Trip!

If you follow along on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen my many posts about the amazing trip Adam and I just went on to celebrate our first anniversary as a MARRIED couple!! Which is just kinda crazy.. it somehow feels both like they year went by really fast, but also a little like this is how it was always meant to be, if that makes sense.

For those that don’t know already, we’ve actually been together for ten years and started dating in highschool!! But somehow even after so much time together, being married is still different in its own way. There’s an understanding that, even though we’re both pretty independent still, we’re also 100% in it together without a doubt, and I love that so much. I am so grateful for our relationship, and for Adam! He puts up with some of my really bizarre worrying quirks and silly weirdness, and does so many little things every day that mean more than he probably even realizes :) And I’ve always always loved the way we can talk about so much, from things in our own lives to what we think about what’s going on around us and I seriously could go on and on!! Oh but I can’t forget, number 1 cat-dad ;) Ah, but still it’s crazy to think it’s been a year already! I’ve really loved this next chapter of our relationship.

So to celebrate one year of marriage, we planned a weeklong road trip (because nothing puts any relationship to the test like being in the same car together for hours and hours! bahah) through the Pacific Northwest, down the coast, and it was fantastic. Also side note, I fully appreciate the cool 70-ish degree weather we had there now.. really not into this heat wave back home in Maryland right now!! ;) This trip was so fun and incorporated so much of what we love doing together, from exploring and falling in love with new cities, eating tons of amazing food, and checking out several breweries along the way. I couldn’t be more grateful that we were able to do this.

And of course, I am SO excited to share some of my favorite photos from the trip! Let’s just say, I thought about titling this post “someone please hire me to photograph their west coast wedding in Seattle, along the Oregon Coast, San Francisco, or anywhere in CA!!” but it seemed a little wordy… ;) But for real, we would both go back in heartbeat! Such neat places to explore, and a week was not long enough!!

So for now, I’ll just be daydreaming about the west coast from these photos, but you know, if you or someone you know needs a photographer on that side of the country.. I’m your gal!! ;)


We started off in Seattle with plans to go check out the space needle, when we stumbled upon a FOOD FESTIVAL!! YES! hahah

002-west-coast-photographer-5912 003-west-coast-photographer-5914 004-west-coast-photographer-5917

Fried mac and cheese YUM

005-west-coast-photographer-5931 006-west-coast-photographer-5924 007-west-coast-photographer-5933 008-west-coast-photographer-5935 009-west-coast-photographer-5943 010-IMG_8642 011-west-coast-photographer-5945 012-west-coast-photographer-5952 013-west-coast-photographer-5962 014-west-coast-photographer-5957 015-IMG_8646 016-west-coast-photographer-5966

Seriously my favorite room in the Chihuly glass museum, I was so excited to see it!

017-west-coast-photographer-5968 018-west-coast-photographer-5971 019-west-coast-photographer-5978 020-west-coast-photographer-5969 021-west-coast-photographer-5994 022-west-coast-photographer-5999

A hummingbird!! :)

023-west-coast-photographer-6002 024-west-coast-photographer-6015 025-west-coast-photographer-6016 026-west-coast-photographer-6021 027-west-coast-photographer-6034 028-west-coast-photographer-6041 029-west-coast-photographer-6032 030-west-coast-photographer-6043 031-west-coast-photographer-6044 032-west-coast-photographer-6053 033-west-coast-photographer-6055 034-west-coast-photographer-6090

Of course we had to check out Pike Place market. I could totally see how awesome this would be living in Seattle – the flowers were SO inexpensive for huge bouquets and there was more food than I could wrap my mind around!

035-west-coast-photographer-6060 036-west-coast-photographer-6062 037-west-coast-photographer-6067 038-west-coast-photographer-6070 039-west-coast-photographer-6072 040-west-coast-photographer-6078 041-west-coast-photographer-6079 042-west-coast-photographer-6093 043-west-coast-photographer-6096 044-west-coast-photographer-6081 045-west-coast-photographer-6092 046-west-coast-photographer-6084 047-IMG_8683 048-west-coast-photographer-6098 049-west-coast-photographer-6111 050-west-coast-photographer-6116 051-west-coast-photographer-6129 052-west-coast-photographer-6136 053-west-coast-photographer-6142 054-west-coast-photographer-6150 055-west-coast-photographer-6158 056-west-coast-photographer-6164 057-IMG_8719

Scuse the poor phone quality but seriously.. otters are THE cutest! Well, second to cats ;)

058-west-coast-photographer-6168 059-west-coast-photographer-6173 060-west-coast-photographer-6177 061-west-coast-photographer-6180

It was pretty cloudy and we almost missed that Mt Rainer is actually the “cloud” that’s faint and just above and slightly to the left of the white bridge!

062-IMG_8725 063-IMG_8744 064-IMG_8758

Seriously terrible phone quality but of course I left my camera when we went to get dinner this night.. THIS SUNSET though! and Mt Rainer!! West Coast sunsets are my favorite.


It was tough to say goodbye to Seattle, and we defintiely want to go back soon for a longer trip! We headed to Portland for a bit afterwards and stopped at Lucky Labrador and Mt Tabor, as well as some of the city itself.

066-IMG_8819 067-west-coast-photographer-6197 068-west-coast-photographer-6204

My willing model for the trip ;)

069-west-coast-photographer-6192 070-west-coast-photographer-6194 071-west-coast-photographer-6212 072-west-coast-photographer-6217

This grassy area was so so cool!!

073-west-coast-photographer-6257 074-west-coast-photographer-6295

We stopped in Coos Bay for lunch, ate delicious Dungeoness crabcake salad and fish & chips, then happened upon a really pretty and foggy ocean view!

075-IMG_8937 076-IMG_8946 077-IMG_8963 078-IMG_8965 079-west-coast-photographer-6297 080-west-coast-photographer-6305

I want to take all the photos here in this crazy fog!! SO AWESOME

081-west-coast-photographer-6310 082-west-coast-photographer-6316 083-west-coast-photographer-6317 084-west-coast-photographer-6320 085-west-coast-photographer-6339 086-west-coast-photographer-6346 087-west-coast-photographer-6352 088-west-coast-photographer-6353 089-west-coast-photographer-6366

Please just look at the tiny tiny humans in the bottom left in the above photo for a size comparison on those rocks!

090-west-coast-photographer-6370 091-west-coast-photographer-6374 092-west-coast-photographer-6376 093-west-coast-photographer-6379

I think I officially was annoying Adam with all the “oooh can we stop to take photos!” at this point.. haha we eventually made it to a town called Fortuna where we had found a place to grab food. We also happened to stumble upon the most gorgeous view at sunset at the Eel River!

094-west-coast-photographer-6388 095-IMG_9061 096-west-coast-photographer-6389 097-west-coast-photographer-6396

Some of the drive down the coast was a little crazy.. seeing the redwoods though was awesome!

098-west-coast-photographer-6397 099-west-coast-photographer-6400 100-west-coast-photographer-6413 101-IMG_9143 102-IMG_9161

A stop in Santa Rosa for Russian River brewery (SO GOOD!!) and then we were heading into SF! Love this photo Adam got coming through the tunnel :)

103-west-coast-photographer-6422 104-west-coast-photographer-6448 105-west-coast-photographer-6450 106-west-coast-photographer-6461 107-west-coast-photographer-6462 108-west-coast-photographer-6463 109-west-coast-photographer-6464 110-west-coast-photographer-6480 111-west-coast-photographer-6483 112-west-coast-photographer-6486 113-west-coast-photographer-6491 114-west-coast-photographer-6493 115-west-coast-photographer-6496 116-west-coast-photographer-6507 117-west-coast-photographer-6516 118-west-coast-photographer-6517 119-west-coast-photographer-6520 120-west-coast-photographer-6528 121-west-coast-photographer-6532 122-west-coast-photographer-6535 123-IMG_9215 124-IMG_9243 125-west-coast-photographer-6549 126-west-coast-photographer-6554

I know I know, all the golden gate bridge photos you could ever want to see in one sitting :P but I was so excited for us to see the sunset here. Did I mention how much I love west coast sunsets?! I swear there’s something different about the light, and it just sticks around for golden hour for so much longer.

Meanwhile, since we were waiting for sunset anyway, I decided we should take some selfies. See if you can guess where Adam lost interest… bahaha

127-IMG_9271 128-IMG_9274 129-IMG_9277 130-IMG_9293 131-IMG_9294 132-IMG_9295 133-west-coast-photographer-6555 134-west-coast-photographer-6572 135-west-coast-photographer-6581 136-west-coast-photographer-6584

So so worth it though

137-IMG_9302 138-west-coast-photographer-6585 139-west-coast-photographer-6588

We even got a glimpse of the full moon!

140-west-coast-photographer-6592 142-IMG_9318 143-IMG_9325

Walked over to Ghiradelli square, grabbed some breakfast.. and proceeded to walk about 18000 steps around San Francisco this day!!

 145-west-coast-photographer-6594 146-west-coast-photographer-6595 147-west-coast-photographer-6602 148-west-coast-photographer-6605 149-west-coast-photographer-6608 150-west-coast-photographer-6612 151-west-coast-photographer-6610 152-west-coast-photographer-6617 153-west-coast-photographer-6613 154-west-coast-photographer-6620 155-west-coast-photographer-6621 156-west-coast-photographer-6623 157-west-coast-photographer-6624 158-west-coast-photographer-6626 159-west-coast-photographer-6629 160-west-coast-photographer-6630 161-west-coast-photographer-6635 162-IMG_9342 163-IMG_9344

“Adam, let’s walk up these stairs that say it leads to the Coit Tower!” SO MANY STEPS. haha but I love how it seems like no matter where you are in this city, there’s a great view close by.

164-west-coast-photographer-6638 167-IMG_9377 168-IMG_9389 169-IMG_9392

A few phone photos because we were on the move! We also got to meet up with our friend from middle & high school, Sara! Since these two are SF locals now, they had the responsibility of showing us the best ice cream spot after dinner. Success!


And we couldn’t leave without checking out some redwoods – we traveled up to Muir woods which was a pretty scary drive but really pretty park!

171-west-coast-photographer-6640 172-west-coast-photographer-6654 173-west-coast-photographer-6676 174-west-coast-photographer-6681 175-IMG_9421 176-west-coast-photographer-6703

A view from Lombard street..

Gahh this was just such a great trip. I can tell you without a doubt there will be more adventures to come!! :)

Happy anniversary Adam! Thank you for loving these city explorations as much as I do!! I couldn’t imagine sharing these adventures with anyone else <3