painted brick at sip and paint networking event

Paint and Sip Networking Event at Brickworks

This summer, the Brickworks team invited guests to a paint and sip event at the studio to network and socialize while getting creative! “Bricks and Sips” was a fun paint and sip style event where attendees were given a brick and all the paint and decorative supplies to design everything from abstract designs to beautiful scenes. This was such a cute event and everyone had a great time, enjoying bites by Zeffert and Gold as they caught up. With a wide open range of possibilities, each person’s brick design was unique and so fun to see evolve from start to finish! Always a great time capturing the fun events Brickworks hosts for their guests. I can’t be the only one feeling like it would be so relaxing to grab a brick and try a little paint and sip session as well!

Hosted by Brickworks Design Studio in Baltimore | Flowers by Flowers and Fancies | Bites by Zeffert and Gold

Such a great paint and sip networking event at the studio! Thanks as always for having me Brickworks team!

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