Koshary at R house seasonal menu items
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Koshary at R House in Baltimore

This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve raved about Koshary and it definitely won’t be the last! Have you checked out Koshary Corner at R House Baltimore yet?! Koshary Corner moved into a stall at the R. House Food hall at the beginning of this year and I’m so happy for Iman and her team! I’m also SO happy for everyone living in and visiting Baltimore that gets to enjoy these delicious meals!

Koshary Corner, founded by Iman, goes beyond just incredibly comforting meals (that oh, by the way, are also made with health-focused, plant-based and gluten-free ingredients!) But Koshary is also COMMUNITY focused, which is something I absolutely adore about Iman and this brand. Giving back and connecting has always been a crucial part!

So speaking of community… I had the pleasure of getting to photograph the opening event in honor of Koshary at R House, and you could see the ripple effects of that community Iman has maintained! So many supportive and caring people came out to celebrate the launch of the new location! This event was filled with joy and excitement – and of course, GREAT FOOD!

Congratulations Iman! Congrats on everything you’ve put into making this brand what it is, and to many more years of your and its success! So happy that Koshary is at R House now and can’t wait to visit often! And of course, be sure to check out where Cleo the Koshary Food Truck is next too!