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The Question:: Eric’s Proposal to Christina

Yikes it’s been a while & there’s been lots going on that I’m really excited to share!! Like moving south of Baltimore to Columbia, MD… Starting my part-time position for UMBC’s Alumni magazine and Office of Institutional Advancement! I couldn’t be happier about that :) & I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new faces in Baltimore and DC

Speaking of things I couldn’t be happier about…

On Sunday July 1st my best friend/cousin/who I love like a sister WAS PROPOSED TO BEFORE MY (very joyfully tearful) EYES (& camera)!!!

You’ve definitely seen Christina before here on the blog – along with her sister Samantha and her now FIANCE Eric! In fact, the next blog post I was planning on posting were her graduation photos from Towson!

So while I’m usually pretty OCD about blogging in order, this is definitely a special occasion that deserves to be bumped up a bit ;)

Let’s see… let’s first start off with how LUCKY Eric was that I had my camera with me that day! I’ll explain:: Christina has always mentioned how she wanted photos of her proposal and so when her sister and mom mentioned at her graduation party that day that Eric had a big surprise and they were suspicious… I CORNERED HIM! haha

Once I knew it was going to be the real deal that day.. I had to figure out how to act natural knowing that information!! AH IT WAS SO TOUGH!

So I brought my camera out to take photos of the decorations, friends…


a little glamor shot of Adam haha

Twister which was sadly not played after the dog claimed it… haha





Hilarious examples of how to correct problem behavior in this teaching book my mom used to hide money for Christina ;)



^ “To get to the other side” lol


THEN Eric’s big moment.. he told Christina to wait while he got his gift for her..



Getting nervous!


AH! Could not believe my teary eyes! So wonderful!!







Facebook teaser!






Hugs & Kisses from everyone!







The newly engaged couple :)

Water balloon fight just waiting to happen haha


A few shots of the ring crowd first!

& Family <3




“The son I never had!”






& a big surprise for me: Christina asking me to be her maid of honor! Started crying all over again! SO EXCITED!!!




Such a beautiful ring.. you did good Eric ;)







Such a wonderful happy surprisingly eventful day! I loved every minute and am so incredibly happy for you two. I’ve loved getting to see your relationship strengthen over the years and I know it will only get better from here :) Lots and lots of love to you both!!

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