Celebrating Samantha’s Towson Graduation!

Ah! Someone please tell me where the time goes?! It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were taking my beautiful cousin Samantha’s high school senior portraits, and this weekend we got to take some photos celebrating her graduation from Towson! Ahhh girl!! We are all so proud of you! You’re such a hard worker and so smart! And of course, totally gorgeous!! I’m so glad we could sneak away for a bit during our Mother’s Day festivities (sorry moms!) to get these photos :) You are awesome. I know you have plenty more school ahead in the future, & I’m so excited for you to keep achieving all your goals! :) Congratulations Samantha!!


001-Samantha_Graduation-7291 002-Samantha_Graduation-7292 003-Samantha_Graduation-7301 004-Samantha_Graduation-7298 005-Samantha_Graduation-7310 006-Samantha_Graduation-7306 007-Samantha_Graduation-7326 008-Samantha_Graduation-7349 009-Samantha_Graduation-7342 010-Samantha_Graduation-7320 011-Samantha_Graduation-7346 012-Samantha_Graduation-7352 013-Samantha_Graduation-7358 014-Samantha_Graduation-7359 015-Samantha_Graduation-7357 016-Samantha_Graduation-7363 017-Samantha_Graduation-7372 018-Samantha_Graduation-7370 019-Samantha_Graduation-7378 020-Samantha_Graduation-7388 021-Samantha_Graduation-7396 022-Samantha_Graduation-7397 023-Samantha_Graduation-7430 024-Samantha_Graduation-7400 025-Samantha_Graduation-7412 026-Samantha_Graduation-7431 027-Samantha_Graduation-7418 028-Samantha_Graduation-7424

& It’s not a family photo shoot without a little sister-love! Ahh you two are both so beautiful, love you both and all the silliness :)

029-Samantha_Graduation-7438 030-Samantha_Graduation-7442 031-Samantha_Graduation-7443 032-Samantha_Graduation-7444 033-Samantha_Graduation-7448 034-Samantha_Graduation-7449 035-Samantha_Graduation-7451 036-Samantha_Graduation-7452 037-Samantha_Graduation-7453 038-Samantha_Graduation-7457 039-Samantha_Graduation-7463 040-Samantha_Graduation-7466 041-Samantha_Graduation-7468 042-Samantha_Graduation-7470 043-Samantha_Graduation-7474

We even got a visit from Lola!! Ahh adorable :)

044-Samantha_Graduation-7478 045-Samantha_Graduation-7481 046-Samantha_Graduation-7484 047-Samantha_Graduation-7491 048-Samantha_Graduation-7437 049-Samantha_Graduation-7495

Love you all, and congratulations again Samantha! <3

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