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Becky & Chris are engaged! | Harford County Wedding Photographer

Seven-seven-seventeen!! It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?! :) I’m so excited to think that in just one year, we’ll be just a couple days away from celebrating Chris & Becky’s wedding day! I love getting to photograph friends – it’s always fun & we definitely laughed our way through this session… and a lot of the laughs might have been at Ellie! Their hilarious pup was definitely more interested in belly rubs than anything else, but we’ll let it slide since she’s so adorable & sweet ;) I had such a great time hanging out with Becky & Chris (and Becky’s mom Angie of course!) These two are high school sweethearts and were super easy easy going :) Becky & Chris, you two are so cute! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day in basically just one year!!! Ahh, it’ll be here before you know it, and it will be so much fun!! Congratulations!!

001-Becky_Chris-8588 002-Becky_Chris-8604 003-Becky_Chris-8602 004-Becky_Chris-8610 005-Becky_Chris-8632 006-Becky_Chris-8607

Ellie accepts belly rubs as her modeling fee ;) All the belly rubs!!


Ahh so cute you two!!

008-Becky_Chris-8640 009-Becky_Chris-8641 010-Becky_Chris-8665 011-Becky_Chris-8708 012-Becky_Chris-8668 013-Becky_Chris-8673 014-Becky_Chris-8685 015-Becky_Chris-8689 016-Becky_Chris-8690 018-Becky_Chris-8572 019-Becky_Chris-8711

Thanks to mother nature raining us out a few times, this might have been our third reschedule? haha but sometimes it really is worth the wait! This was such a perfect day! Thanks for being so patient :)

020-Becky_Chris-8724 021-Becky_Chris-8752 022-Becky_Chris-8773 023-Becky_Chris-8735 024-Becky_Chris-8788


025-Becky_Chris-8789 026-Becky_Chris-8792 027-Becky_Chris-8785 028-Becky_Chris-8809 029-Becky_Chris-8814 030-Becky_Chris-8804 031-Becky_Chris-8576

These geese definitely had their eyes on us and were not amused with our presence! Fortunately no goose-related injuries occured (although we may have had to wait for them to let us to pass their path at one point).. hahah just typical engagement session things :P


How awesome is their wedding date sign?! LOVE this DIY project that Becky’s dad helped out with – I can’t wait to see it displayed at the wedding too! So so cool!


Oh hello! Lookin’ FIERCE!!

034-Becky_Chris-8858 035-Becky_Chris-8861 036-Becky_Chris-8857b

That laugh! So cute :) Definitely one of my favorites!

037-Becky_Chris-8835 038-Becky_Chris-8882 039-Becky_Chris-8872

I should also say that I am OBSESSED with this dress! Becky you look so beautiful!

040-Becky_Chris-8885 041-Becky_Chris-8893 042-Becky_Chris-8898 043-Becky_Chris-8902 044-Becky_Chris-8918 045-Becky_Chris-8919 046-Becky_Chris-8925 047-Becky_Chris-8941 048-Becky_Chris-8933 049-Becky_Chris-8946 050-Becky_Chris-8954b 051-Becky_Chris-8956 052-Becky_Chris-8967 053-Becky_Chris-8979 054-Becky_Chris-9057 055-Becky_Chris-9063 056-Becky_Chris-9071 057-Becky_Chris-8984 058-Becky_Chris-8999 059-Becky_Chris-9005 060-Becky_Chris-9014 061-Becky_Chris-9002 062-Becky_Chris-9036 063-Becky_Chris-9034 064-Becky_Chris-9027 065-Becky_Chris-9043

Seriously, that laugh is too adorable! And of course, ending this post with my absolute favorite shot! Ah, so perfect!! You two rocked it!!


Congratulations Becky & Chris!! Enjoy this next year of planning and engagement, can’t wait to celebrate your wedding day next summer!!


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