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Ally & Brendan | Romantic Summer Engagement, Baltimore MD

During our first meeting with Ally & Brendan, I felt myself instantly adoring them and their story and I was over the moon excited when they said they wanted to book me! It didn’t take them long to realize that they were the one for each other, and it certainly doesn’t take long to see it when you’re with them. It’s easy to feel the deep connection they have between each other, and the excitement they have for their future adventures together. Brendan & Ally had just returned from a trip out to California when we met up for their engagement session, since Adam & I had just returned from our west coast road trip a few weeks earlier, we joked about how fun it would be to have gotten to take their photos there. Well we were lucky enough to get the next best thing, with the dreamiest light during their whole session that had me feeling like the west coast was sharing a little love with us too! I’m so excited for Ally & Brendan, and I can’t help but smile looking at how much love and support is between them. I absolutely can’t wait to see them again this fall for their wedding!! Congratulations you two!!

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So. Much. LOVE.

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You two could not be any more adorable! And the liiiiight! I’m in love!

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Can we just talk about how gorgeous Ally’s ring is?! Custom made by their friend too.. stunning! & You can check out more from Dave at Jonathan Doppelt!

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These quiet sweet little moments. This is one of my all time favorites. So much love and Ally you are so gorgeous!!

040-ally_brendan-9436 041-ally_brendan-9467 042-ally_brendan-9441 043-ally_brendan-9444 044-ally_brendan-9449 045-ally_brendan-9464 046-ally_brendan-9473 047-ally_brendan-9479 048-ally_brendan-9483 049-ally_brendan-9489

Ahhh! Would it be crazy if I printed this as a canvas for my own wall?! haha I just cannot get over the two of you + this light. Love!!

050-ally_brendan-9493 051-ally_brendan-9499 052-ally_brendan-9507 053-ally_brendan-9516 054-ally_brendan-9534 055-ally_brendan-9539 056-ally_brendan-9543 057-ally_brendan-9561 058-ally_brendan-9565 059-ally_brendan-9571

“So let’s try having you sit amongst all these flowers…” hahah sometimes my suggestions are silly! ;) But still so cute!

060-ally_brendan-9559 061-ally_brendan-9577 062-ally_brendan-9596

This ring though! Oh my goodness!!!!

063-ally_brendan-9605 064-ally_brendan-9627 065-ally_brendan-9635 066-ally_brendan-9639 067-ally_brendan-9641 068-ally_brendan-9621 069-ally_brendan-9657 070-ally_brendan-9667 071-ally_brendan-9682

This light! Golden hour goodness!! Ahh Brendan & Ally I couldn’t be happier for the two of you and your incredible love for each other. Congratulations!!

072-ally_brendan-9691 073-ally_brendan-9693 074-ally_brendan-9698


Ally’s engagement ring was made by Dave at Jonathan Doppelt

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