Brianna & Joe are engaged! Herrington on the Bay Session

Brianna & Joe picked one the prettiest wedding venues for their day next spring, so I was more than excited when they asked about visiting it for their session a couple weeks ago! Herrington on the Bay feels like you’ve stepped into a destination wedding resort without leaving Maryland, and it was wonderful! It was a pretty hot day, but still beautiful and we had a chance to explore where they’ll share their vows, and even hang out on the beach for a bit! I loved getting to spend some more time with Brianna & Joe – it’s clear how deeply they care about each other and how excited they are to have their wedding in this beautiful space! I’m so excited for them to tie the knot here next May at what is sure to be a relaxed and joy-filled wedding day!! Plus I can’t wait to see Brianna put her designer skills into action for some awesome DIY! :) Congratulations Brianna & Joe, can’t wait to see you again soon!!

001-Brianna-Joe-5870 002-Brianna-Joe-5879 003-Brianna-Joe-5890 004-Brianna-Joe-5895 005-Brianna-Joe-5905 006-Brianna-Joe-5915

Love how these two smile looking at each other!!

007-Brianna-Joe-5922 008-Brianna-Joe-5932 009-Brianna-Joe-5934 010-Brianna-Joe-5943

We even had a few boats pass by! :)

011-Brianna-Joe-5952 012-Brianna-Joe-5954 013-Brianna-Joe-5958 014-Brianna-Joe-5960 015-Brianna-Joe-5964 016-Brianna-Joe-5972

Seriously the cutest!! Love all these shots at the dock!

017-Brianna-Joe-5977 018-Brianna-Joe-5981 019-Brianna-Joe-5987 020-Brianna-Joe-5988 021-Brianna-Joe-5998 022-Brianna-Joe-6003

Just hanging out thinking about where they’ll be saying “I do”…. :)

023-Brianna-Joe-6005 024-Brianna-Joe-6013 025-Brianna-Joe-6014


026-Brianna-Joe-6015 027-Brianna-Joe-6021 028-Brianna-Joe-6025 029-Brianna-Joe-6027 030-Brianna-Joe-6038 031-Brianna-Joe-6042 032-Brianna-Joe-6045 033-Brianna-Joe-6058 034-Brianna-Joe-6071 035-Brianna-Joe-6076 036-Brianna-Joe-6082

These laughing photos just make me say “aww!” every time!

037-Brianna-Joe-6084b 038-Brianna-Joe-6088 039-Brianna-Joe-6095 040-Brianna-Joe-6109 041-Brianna-Joe-6113 042-Brianna-Joe-6100 043-Brianna-Joe-6118 044-Brianna-Joe-6127 045-Brianna-Joe-6135 046-Brianna-Joe-6145 047-Brianna-Joe-6150 048-Brianna-Joe-6156b

SUCH a favorite!


Haha we tried for so long hoping the butterfly would land in our ring shot but no luck! But both are equally pretty even if they’re not in the same photo together! :)

050-Brianna-Joe-6167 051-Brianna-Joe-6171 052-Brianna-Joe-6179 053-Brianna-Joe-6181 054-Brianna-Joe-6198 055-Brianna-Joe-6208 056-Brianna-Joe-6219 057-Brianna-Joe-6243 058-Brianna-Joe-6229 059-Brianna-Joe-6248 060-Brianna-Joe-6254 061-Brianna-Joe-6259 062-Brianna-Joe-6262 063-Brianna-Joe-6267 064-Brianna-Joe-6270b 065-Brianna-Joe-6282


Yay! So excited for you two, and can’t wait for your May wedding Brianna & Joe!!

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