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Logan & Marco | Engagement session in Fells Point!

Fells Point is definitely becoming one of my favorite spots for engagement sessions this summer, and since Logan & Marco had spent lots of time here while they dated, it was the perfect place in city for us to get together and hang out – I mean take photos! ;) I met Logan through our work at UMBC and I was so excited when they asked me to photograph their Ohio wedding coming up this October! Even though I’ve only gotten to meet Marco a few times, hanging out with both of them instantly feels like spending time with old friends, which is my FAVORITE! It was awesome to catch up with them a couple weeks ago and I loved capturing their easy-going and light-hearted & fun love! We easily spent half the session chatting and laughing, but I’m obviously just as in love with the time we spent photographing too. They originally weren’t sure if they wanted or needed the engagement session, but I’m so happy they opted for it. It was one of the first cool-ish evenings towards the end of this hot summer, and the whole shoot just felt really relaxed. Oh and we even stopped into 8 Ball Meatball for some drinks.. does it even get better than that?! haha Without a doubt, I am super excited for their Ohio wedding next month!! Thank you Logan & Marco for such a fun evening!! <3


001-Logan_Marco-2728 002-Logan_Marco-2757 003-Logan_Marco-2749 004-Logan_Marco-2754 005-Logan_Marco-2763 006-Logan_Marco-2765

So dang cute! And I’m obsessed with your dress Logan! :D

007-Logan_Marco-2770 008-Logan_Marco-2781 009-Logan_Marco-2784 010-Logan_Marco-2788 011-Logan_Marco-2798 012-Logan_Marco-2802 013-Logan_Marco-2806 014-Logan_Marco-2810

I just love this so much. What a perfectly sweet expression!

015-Logan_Marco-2814 016-Logan_Marco-2845 017-Logan_Marco-2847 018-Logan_Marco-2884 019-Logan_Marco-2867 020-Logan_Marco-2877

A little Baltimore pride and a little bit of “when the location coordinates with your outfit colors” :)

021-Logan_Marco-2889 022-Logan_Marco-2894 023-Logan_Marco-2913 024-Logan_Marco-2919 025-Logan_Marco-2925

Favorite!!!! Logan you’re so happy and cute!!


Since their first date included a water taxi across the harbor, we couldn’t pass up the chance for one of the boats in the background!

027-Logan_Marco-2934 028-Logan_Marco-2947 029-Logan_Marco-2955 030-Logan_Marco-2931b 031-Logan_Marco-2959

Ahh! SUCH a stunning ring!! Can’t wait to photograph the full set next month!

032-Logan_Marco-2973 033-Logan_Marco-2988 034-Logan_Marco-2999

String lights + cute couples = <3 It’s just plain math! :)

035-Logan_Marco-3002 036-Logan_Marco-3004b 037-Logan_Marco-3018 038-Logan_Marco-3011 039-Logan_Marco-3014 040-Logan_Marco-3024 041-Logan_Marco-3023

Hahah you guys are seriously the best. This was so fun!

042-Logan_Marco-3029 043-Logan_Marco-3037 044-Logan_Marco-3040 045-Logan_Marco-3063 046-Logan_Marco-3046 047-Logan_Marco-3047 048-Logan_Marco-3052 049-Logan_Marco-3058 050-Logan_Marco-3073 051-Logan_Marco-3076 052-Logan_Marco-3079 053-Logan_Marco-3081 054-Logan_Marco-3089 055-Logan_Marco-3095 056-Logan_Marco-3104 057-Logan_Marco-3107 058-Logan_Marco-3120 059-Logan_Marco-3128 060-Logan_Marco-3135 061-Logan_Marco-3139 062-Logan_Marco-3144 063-Logan_Marco-3150

You two could not be any more adorable. I love it!

064-Logan_Marco-3145 065-Logan_Marco-3153 066-Logan_Marco-3155


Eee!! Congratulations Logan & Marco and can’t wait to see you so so soon!