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2016 Family Session Favorites | MD Family Photographer

Nothing like waiting til the last day to post the year’s favorite shots! But I’m kicking this off with some of the sweetest family moments, some of which are being shared on the blog for the first time (I like to wait until after the holidays in case any cards with photos are going out ;) ). I always appreciate when families choose to have photos taken each year – it’s easy to say “well we had some recently,” but it’s more amazing to get these little visual time capsules to capture the growth of so many little ones, and the connections between family members. Getting to document the love and growth of so many families has me feeling not only grateful, but also really honored & a little bit like I’m a part of the family too. <3  To get to be a part of the little moments each year or even throughout the year means I’m getting to witness kids growing and learning, and getting to see families genuinely bond, play, and learn together, even if it’s just for an hour or 30 minutes. What an incredibly sweet 12 months of family love. THANK YOU all so much for allowing me to document these little moments that have such a big and important impact. You all are the absolutely best and I am SO excited for what I’ve already learned is going to be a really sweet 2017! <3

Okay, ready for your heart to melt?? :)

001-baby-danny-7551 002-baby-danny-7586 003-baby-danny-7652

My heart!! Ahh I LOVED getting to photograph little Danny this year!! Welcome to the world cutie!!

004-jones_family16-2841 005-jones_family16-2899 006-jones_family16-2927 007-jones_family16-3002 008-jones_family16-3044 009-jones_family16-5730 010-jones_family16-5717 011-jones_family16-5747 012-jones_family16-5762 013-jones_family16-5817 014-jones_family16-5859 015-jones_family16-5903

016-cjtz-family16-7418 017-s_pregnancy-session-2110 018-002-m-swan_newborn-3724 019-s_pregnancy-session-2128

I also got to photograph the Swan Family a few times more than past years, as they welcomed their newest addition! <3

020-014-m-swan_newborn-3701 021-083-m-swan_newborn-3928b 022-139-m-swan_newborn-4115 023-swan-fall16-6119 024-swan-fall16-6044 025-swan-fall16-6109 026-swan-fall16-6237 027-swan-fall16-6269

It’s impossible to feel anything but pure joy and happiness with Kerry & Jared, and their little cutie Alex inherited all those smiles too! I just love this family!!

028-alex_first-birthday-4294 029-alex_first-birthday-4358 030-alex_first-birthday-4487

Don’t you wish you looked this cool in shades?! :)


Sia, Billy & George welcomed their newest addition this year too! Little Camille is beautiful and so loved!

032-camille-familyphotos16-8117b 033-camille-familyphotos16-8060 034-camille-familyphotos16-8369a 035-camille-familyphotos16-8377

Fall mini sessions were incredible this year! So many wonderful familiar faces! :)

036-wilhide_family16-5402 037-wilhide_family16-5436 038-wilhide_family16-5472b 039-wilhide_family16-5559 040-wilhide_family16-5676 041-scott_family16-5931 042-scott_family16-5978b 043-scott_family16-6022 044-scott_family16-6033 045-scott_family16-6045b 046-scott_family16-6084 047-casey_family16-6155 048-casey_family16-6490 049-casey_family16-6451b 050-casey_family16-6168 051-casey_family16-6265 052-casey_family16-6343

I even had the pleasure of celebrating Brit & Rob’s seven year wedding anniversary with their amazing family! There is a spot reserved in my heart for these two forever (one of my very first weddings!!) & getting to see their adorable family again was the best!

053-jones_family16-7145 054-jones_family16-7209 055-jones_family16-7283 056-jones_family16-7357 057-jones_family16-7220b 058-jones_family16-7517

I can’t help but smile because Kelly & Greg are going to get to meet their little Owen any day now!! So happy for these two!!

059-bragg-maternity-6355 060-bragg-maternity-6308 062-bragg-maternity-6403 063-bragg-maternity-6421 064-trovato-fall16-6517

CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Max turned one this year! Rachel & Jesse had a Where the Wild Things are theme for him, and I’m pretty sure it does not get any cuter than this!!! Happy birthday Max!!

065-trovato-fall16-6529 066-trovato-fall16-6689 067-trovato-fall16-6594 068-trovato-fall16-6624 069-trovato-fall16-6694 070-johnson-fall16-6865b 071-johnson-fall16-6885b

I also had the best time reconnecting with Robeya this year! This fabulous mama was my COLLEGE RA!! That’s right, she had to put up with me ;) She is a photographer herself now and has even shot with me a couple times this year, but the best part was getting her adorable family in front of the camera! Love love love these three!

072-johnson-fall16-6869 073-johnson-fall16-6922 074-johnson-fall16-6939 075-johnson-fall16-7006 076-johnson-fall16-7028

Adam’s cousin Diana and her husband Bill welcomed another daughter into the family!! I’m so glad to have them as family and as (practically) neighbors! So much fun with these four, and seeing Fiona’s personality develop each year is the best!

077-vacchiano16-7653 078-vacchiano16-7872b 079-vacchiano16-7632 080-vacchiano16-7619 081-vacchiano16-7669 082-vacchiano16-7706 083-vacchiano16-7782 084-vacchiano16-7806b

We realized it had somehow been THREE years since the last time we photographed the Gillesses! Loved their winter session around downtown Annapolis. It was a brisk night but so much fun with these four!

085-gilless16_9869 086-gilless16_9783 087-gilless16_9937 088-gilless16_9994b 089-gilless16-0062b

My final family session of the year was with the Milanoskis, and I ADORE them! These girls have confidence and style that you can’t help but admire :) So happy to see them again this year!!

090-milanoski16-1178 091-milanoski16-1282 092-milanoski16-1375 093-milanoski16-1415 094-milanoski16-1456

…Stay tuned for more 2016 recap soon! :)

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