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Community Events | 50 + Style Now Panel featuring Nevine

I know I’m not the only one constantly having to remind myself what month we’re in now, but here I am finally getting a chance to blog a really great event from last fall?! Looking back at past events now feels so wild to recognize everything we took for granted about being able to all gather together. (I’m glad that so many groups are finding ways to hold online or distanced meet ups though!). But I’m so excited to share this event finally! 50+ Style Now hosted a fantastic panel of women to discuss their modest fashion choices, and what influences their styles. All of these women were amazing – they channel their creativity so beautifully and confidently into what they wear, and it was so inspiring to listen to everyone describe style and all the ways their expression is important to them. It was especially fun getting to chat with Nevine, hearing how she went from her rebellious teen years to now modernizing and having fun with more modest fashion. Nevine is a lovely and inspiring person, and it was so fun to photograph her, along with her daughter and her friends at this awesome space and event!

Looking forward to the days when we’re on the other side of this pandemic and can safely gather again – missing events like these and loving getting to reflect back on it now! Hope you all are staying well <3