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Acting Headshots for Amir

This spring I had the chance to meet up with and photograph Amir for some updated headshots! I love that he was looking to refresh his set of portraits – the last time we worked together was actually in 2020, just weeks before shut downs began (and I never blogged those images so bonus, they’re here at the end of this post!). It’s always a great idea to update headshots every couple of years though – especially to get a variety of locations, looks, seasons, or as your own personal style gets updated so can your portraits! For our first round of portraits in 2020, we met up at R House in Baltimore, which provided a great industrial background and we had a great time. This year we actually were able to utilize a handful of spots around campus at UMBC and it was awesome to catch up on life lately in between shots. Convinced that these shots are more proof that you can get great portraits in any and all unexpected spaces. So many favorites from this year’s series, and hope to do another round in the future with you Amir (and hope to see you on all our screens in the meantime!!)



And here’s a peek at the headshots we took in 2020!