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Vacation Paradise :: Puerto Rico Trip! Travel Photography

So, this post was supposed to just be a few of my favorite photos and like everything else, it evolved into a full post of all of our fun adventures on our recent vacation! And let me say, I need to vacation more often! It was wonderful! Adam and I were in Puerto Rico for a few days just for fun and relaxation & I can’t resist showing you all some of my favorite photos from the trip!

& stay tuned because I’m working on putting together another blog post for the week… Sia & Billy’s awesome wedding!! :)


Check out this plane we were on from Baltimore to Newark.. yikes! haha but this view from our hotel room… Cannot beat it! <3

Take me back to this beautiful water and sunshine! :)

On Thursday, we visited the town of Old San Juan – loved the beautiful blue roads (I think I read somewhere that they came from ship battlements?)

Old San Juan had some precious little kitties hanging out so you know I loved that! haha

Then we bravely rented a car and Adam drove us to Fajardo, where we took a tour of the awesome bioluminescent bay! And by tour I mean.. we kayaked in the dark waters out to the lagoon! When your paddle (or hand ;) ) disturbs the water, it disturbs these planton that glow! So pretty and peaceful :) Now.. consider that it was completely dark and I was using a waterproof point and shoot from a kayak so don’t judge these photos too harshly! haha

On Friday.. we checked out the rainforest! It was so lush and pretty :)


^Reason #54028342 why I love photoshop! haha Adam and I hopped into this lovely waterfall but of course, so did everyone else… Thanks photoshop for helping me take them out ;)


One last look at this amazing view…

…before our flight at 5:30am Saturday… oh boy! haha. That was quite an adventure, but hey at least we got to see this amazing sunrise!


In conclusion… I LOVED PUERTO RICO! :) Aka.. anyone getting engaged or married in the Caribbean, GIVE ME A CALL! <3 haha .. but really. :)


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